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Hola, Willkommen, and Howdy

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Hola, Willkommen, and Howdy

    This is the first post of PieRatKing’s TL;DR. and I want to explain the purpose, and give a little background to myself. Firstly, the introductions.
    My name is PieRatKing (pirate king). I am a video game streamer, and a partner on Microsoft’s Mixer platform. I have been streaming since 2016, gaming since the late 80’s and living since the Reagan administration. Video games are a passion, an escape, and therapy for me ever since I first sat at my family’s Apple II and held my first gameboy. When I was in the service of the US Army, they became a way to ward off much of the doldrums of life, and other things that plague a young adult. It was then that the PieRatKing handle was born, as homage to the group of friends I made whilst in the service since we called ourselves the Land Locked PieRats, being all army soldiers and heavy into the punk scene we enjoyed the play on words, and the anti-establishment of pirates. After my discharge and return to the civilian life I adopted the handle and have used it ever since, from Xbox live to steam et al. Now it is much of who I am; a streamer, a brand, and most of all an avid gamer.
    There is a clichè we have all heard, “opinions are like assholes, everyone has one, and they all stink.” Honestly everyone has opinions, that is true. We base them on our personal experiences, life lessons, education and the community that surrounds us. We also have the right to voice our opinions no matter how “stupid” they may be, because not everyone has the same experiences or life and we should share them with those who may have opposite or just different opinions. And that is what I want from PRK’s TL;DR. A place to voice my opinions, my personal beliefs and open up civil discourse with those who are like minded and opposing all the same. So as the title says, Hello, Welcome and stay a while.

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  1. Hacerous says:

    Ready when you are Captian!

  2. Hacerous says:

    Ready when you are Captain!

  3. Ducky says:

    Fancy seeing you here.

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