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2018 The Game Awards (Recap)

So the annual Game Awards has come and gone. The show was better than it has been in years, and there were some highs and lows. The live music was fantastic with some of the greats in video game music performing. Minus the Devil May Cry song that sounded like whomever was on the soundboard …

“The Wrong Direction”

So I was sitting listening to random music the other day and came across this little diddy, not my usual musical choice mind you but you know how the streaming services are they will just play something that they deem similar to what you are listening to and make you question what algorithm decided that …

♫Don’t go changing my art! If you do I may just cry♫

*WARNING: This post contains controversial subject matters, please take the time to read through and not jump to conclusions.* We live in a day and age where my favorite Saturday morning cartoons are gracing the Silver Screen, drawing in millions of dollars in revenue. Where the graphics of video games make the ones I played on …